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I'm a real stickler for customer service. Good service is pretty rare these days, yet Naturescapes has gone far beyond what I would call good service - it has been amazing. It is such a pleasure to deal with honest people who care if the customer is happy. Please keep up the excellent work!! Many thanks!!
Bill Chambers
(Enchanted Light Photography)
I made my first purchase from NatureScapes this month. It certainly will not be the last. Their friendly staff answered my questions and everything I wanted was in stock. Great deals on the products I wanted too and fast shipping. Why look anywhere else ?
Andrew Sentipal

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NatureScapes » Store » Gear Protection » VIEW ALL Gear Protection > » Pro Storm Jacket Waterproof Telephoto Cover
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Pro Storm Jacket Waterproof Telephoto Cover
Pro Storm Jacket Waterproof Telephoto Cover
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(4 reviews)  

Keep shooting in the rain! Storm Jacket waterproof covers are a compact and convenient option for protecting your telephoto setup during use in inclement weather. These covers come in a small zippered case with clip for compact storage. In the event of rain, sleet, or snow, the Storm Jacket can be pulled over your telephoto lens within seconds and back over the camera. It can be removed just as easily.

Made of waterproof AquaNylon, this version of the Storm Jacket weighs roughly 1 oz and offers adjustable bungee closures at both ends for a custom fit. Openings at both ends allow you access to your camera on one side and an unhindered view for your lens on the other.

NatureScapes.Net has stocked standard sizes, plus offers custom sizes, exclusively available at NatureScapes.Net, especially for long telephoto applications. The 26 long version accommodates most 500mm f4 lenses, even when combined with a teleconverter and SLR camera body. The 30 version is for most 600mm f4 telephoto setups, with extra room for camera and teleconveter.

The Storm Jacket photos illustrate setup with a Wimberley Head II. The cover is pulled back over the camera at the top, and stops at the lens foot at the bottom. Setups such as this allow unobstructed access to the gimbal head knobs and also allow flash to be used when mounted to the lens plate or head directly.

Each size is available in black and now, exclusively at NatureScapes.Net, in a camouflage pattern with black Storm Jacket logo at half size. Please note, the 9" version does NOT have a velcro opening at the bottom.

See the Specifications tab below for additional sizing information.

Item #: P-SJ-S-B
Our Price: $3295
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For the best fit, measure your setup from viewfinder to the end of the extended hood. When measuring, also consider if you typically use teleconverters, extension tubes, or hoods as well. A Storm Jacket that is slightly longer or shorter should still be effective.
  • Storm Jacket, 30" long: Most 600mm f4 telephoto setups, including a camera and teleconverter.
  • Storm Jacket, 26" long: Most 500mm f4 telephoto setups, including a camera and teleconverter.
  • Storm Jacket, 22" long: Setups such as a 400mm f2.8 and 500mm f4 lenses, or the Nikon 200-400, including camera and teleconverter.
  • Storm Jacket, 15" long: Setups such as most 300mm f2.8 lenses and a Canon 400mm f5.6. Depending on your camera body and use of teleconverters, it might work with the Nikon 200-400mm.
  • Storm Jacket, 9" long: Depending on your camera body and use of teleconverters, this size could work with Canon 70-200mm f2.8, 300mm f4, or the Nikon 80-200mm f2.8. Please note, this size does NOT have a velcro opening at the bottom.
FIELD TIP: Throw a clear shower cap into your Storm Jacket carrying pouch to cover the back of your camera while shooting in precipitation.
Customer feedback
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(4 reviews)  

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4 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Debra Herst
June 25, 2015
I love these storm jackets! I had purchased a smaller one earlier & loved it so much I bought a larger one for my 300mm lens that fits easily with a teleconverter as well.

Advantages: Extremely easy & quick to put on. So small & lightweight you don't even notice it in your bag - a great advantage when it comes to traveling.
D. Herst
January 11, 2014
Love it! I had one that was awkward to put on & bulky to pack, the Storm Jacket is the exact opposite. It folds up into a small, flat package that hardly takes up any space at all, is incredibly easy & fast to put on & works perfectly!
Robert London
February 7, 2012
I bought the Pro Storm Jacket Waterproof Telephoto Cover to use with my Nikon D300s & 70-200 VRII lens. It fits well and is a great improvement over my old Tenba rain cover (which it replaced). It's considerably less bulky and lighter than the LensCoat Raincoat. As such, it's the perfect "carry it in my pocket when I'm hiking just in case it starts raining" accessory.

Advantages: Lightweight, easy to put on, easy to use and easy to carry.

Disadvantages: None.
December 16, 2011
I have two different sizes of the Storm Jacket Pro and they work great on my Nikon D300 with a 70-200 and my Nikon D300s and 200-400. They are useful in rain, sleet or snow and are lightweight and easy to pack in a camera bag.

I especially like the velcro bottom strip that allows for use on a tripod or monopod and to get a hand inside for zooming or manual focusing.

Since the carrier packs look exactly the same, I bought a black and a camo so I know which size is which when I unzip the carrier.

Advantages: Price; sizes; weight; packing ability; use as raincover

Disadvantages: Since I use them mostly for wildlife photography, I wish they came in more colors that would blend in, like tan (coyote) or brown or white for snow or dark green.
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