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All of you at NatureScapes go that extra mile to be sure my needs are met on a regular basis! Your customer contact is superb and you deliver as you promise. I recommend you at every turn. Keep up the good work - you are, indeed, a shining star and a pleasure to work with.
Sandra Bronstein
Hi How great are you guys sending my order out so quickly - absolutely brilliant! Happy Easter to you all! Regards & thank you
Pete Williams

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NatureScapes » Store » Bags & Cases » VIEW ALL Bags & Cases > » NANUK Professional Protective Case - 920
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NANUK Professional Protective Case - 920
NANUK Professional Protective Case - 920
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NANUK cases are designed to protect the most sensitive equipment in the harshest environments. Whether battling the scorching heat of the Sahara desert or the bone chilling cold of the arctic, every detail of NANUK has been refined and perfected to offer the utmost in protection and performance. From the high-impact NK-7™ resin to the PowerClaw™ latches, NANUK has been engineered and manufactured to stringent military specifications to surpass the needs of the most demanding users. These virtually indestructible, lightweight, watertight cases offer the ultimate grade of protection in a variety of sizes, configurations and colors.

Complimented by a large selection of optional accessories and an incredible degree of customizability, NANUK is the best choice to move your equipment in complete security. Whether transporting valuable equipment around the world or simply protecting sensitive tools in the urban jungle, NANUK is up to the challenge.

Please see additional product specifications below. Available in Black, Graphite, Silver, Olive, Orange, and Yellow.
Item #: 920-0001
Our Price: $15999
You will earn $3.20 in rewards when you purchase this product.
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Case Specifications:
  • Exterior dimensions L16.7" x W13.4" x H6.8" (L425mm x W340mm x H170mm)
  • Interior dimensions L15.0" x W10.5 x H6.2" (L380mm x W265mm x H155mm)
  • Weight (empty) 5.1lbs (2.3kg)
  • Lid depth 2.1" (55mm)
  • Base depth 4.1" (100mm)
  • Material lightweight NK-7™ resin
  • Max buoyancy currently in testing
  • Temperature range currently in testing
  • Airline carry-on yes
  • Watertight yes
  • Warranty conditional lifetime guarantee

Standard Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Impact resistant
  • Conditional lifetime guarantee
  • Crushproof
  • Dustproof
  • Powerclaw™ latching system
  • Soft grip foldable handle
  • Lightweight NK-7™ resin
  • Padlockable
  • 100% stainless steel hardware
  • High performance gasket
  • Automatic pressure release valve
  • Molded-in bezel system
  • Integrated lid stay
  • Stackable
  • Meets airline carry-on regulations

Certification (in testing)
  • Drop tests Fed-Std-101C, ATA Specification 300 Category 1
  • Falling Rain MIL-STD-810F Method 506.4
  • Immersion MIL-STD-810F Method 512.4
  • Vibration/sweep dwell MIL-STD-648C ASTM Designation D-999, Procedure B
  • Loose cargo bounce FED-STD-101C, Method 5019

Packaging Specifications:

  • Quantity per pack 1
  • Pack dimensions L16.8" x W13.3" x 6.5" (L425mm x W336mm x H165mm)
  • Pack weight (no foam) 6.8lbs (3.1 kg)

    •    TSA Padlock
    •    Shoulder Strap
    •    Cubed Foam
    •    Foam Liner
    •    Waterproof Panel Kit - Lexan

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