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I just received my order, everything was in good condition and properly packed. Thanks again for the great service you offered, I will definitely recommend your company to other photographers and will order from you in the future.
Hendrik Boesch
I was very happy with my first order! Great phone service and quick shipping. Thanks!
Rob Nerpel

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NatureScapes » Store » Blinds & Camo » Kwik Camo Photography Blind
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Kwik Camo Photography Blind
Kwik Camo Photography Blind
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(7 reviews)  

Kwik Camo photography blinds are designed to cover you and your camera gear—from a telephoto setup on a tripod to hand holding a flight lens. A mesh camo window allows you to view wildlife without disruption, or you can unzip across the top of the window for a totally unobstructed view. Adjustments under the blind are concealed from your subjects. A slot on top of the blind allows use of a flash unit externally.

The Kwik Camo bag blind is available in a variety of camouflage patterns to fit your specific needs. The lightweight blinds offer camouflage and protection from bugs, yet are transparent enough to allow peripheral vision and let the breeze through for a cooling effect. The heavyweight versions offer better warmth in cooler temperatures.

These blinds are extremely portable and can be used seated or standing. Working from a blind provides significant advantages in approaching wildlife. When considering throw blind, keep in mind that unless you need the heavyweight version, the lighter weight one is not only easier to pack and carry, but it also doesn't weigh as heavily when draped over you; most noticeable when standing.

  • Kwik Camo blinds come with a convenient carry pouch.
  • Lighter Kwik Camo blind is made of breathable, very lightweight poly/cotton, approximately 2.5-3oz.
  • Heavier Kwik Camo blind is made of 6.5oz poly/cotton, available in RealTree Hardwoods Green pattern.

Please see the Specifications tab below for additional information.

Item #: KC-HWG
Our Price: $11995  (save 14%)
List Price: $139.95
You will earn $2.40 in rewards when you purchase this product.
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Kwik Camo Photography Blind
Kwik Camo Photography Blind
Walkstool Comfort
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Have some clothes pins or binder clips available to customize the fit of your Kwik Camo blind; they can be used to secure the blind right under your lens to ensure the blind doesn't need to be repositioned throughout the day.


Consider the Walkstool Comfort portable stools, available at NatureScapes.Net, and LensCoat lens covers for additional equipment camouflage.

Customer feedback
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(7 reviews)  

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5 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Sue F.
May 13, 2014
Easy to use and transport to shoots off the beaten path - also worked really well when used from the car for waterfowl.

Advantages: Easy to use, carry and is effective - I am petite so had to shorten the length. The head area shifts around a bit on your head, but the visibility is good.

Disadvantages: Copious material flaps noisily in the wind - I added some ties to the seams inside to minimize this. Also had to add more velcro to the lens opening, as it was too big ( I have a 500mm). Its kind of a pain to crawl underneath the material once you are set up, but it beats lugging a pop up blind in addition to your camera gear!
Roy Hancliff
December 23, 2013
Well made good quality, products is as described . Very happy with it.

Advantages: Gives you the opportunity to just get that bit closer or remain unseen which could make the difference for that all important photo.

Disadvantages: Not good in windy conditions especially if you are using it just to cover the tripod, could do with some ties to secure it and stop it flapping about which distracts any wild life and chance of photography. A bit more velcro for smaller lenses would be useful as it leaves too much of a gap under the lens.
March 19, 2013
Well designed product...great for being hidden in position while waiting for that capture.

Advantages: Lightweight, well constructed, does not disrupt field of view, great coverage.

Disadvantages: When used as it was designed to be, there are none that I've experienced so far.
Ronald Conner
November 6, 2012
The blind is too short and too tight. I am 5'-4" and the material would barely touch the ground. It is made too tight in the front and will not cover the front tripod leg. I added 24" of camo material all around the bottom and added a panel of camo material appx. 24" wide in the back and it would still pull at the front and expose the front tripod leg. I was using a Canon 500 mm lens on an Induro tripod. I tried it in a sitting position and it was still too tight at the front and would not cover the front tripod leg. I tried it lying down with the lens on a beanbag. The material was not long enough to cover my feet. After adding additional material, I would not think of trying to return the blind.
Jim Funston
October 24, 2012
Does as described

Advantages: Lightweight and portable. Design and function fairly well thought out and executed.

Disadvantages: When used with a stool you are somewhat directional in your field of view as it is difficult to see behind your position.
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