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Today, when I ordered the soon to be back in stock Guru backpack, I was surprised with the complimentary guarantee which accompanied the order. One reason I have enjoyed ordering from NatureScapes has been its constant attention to and care for its readers. It has long been a trusted, reliable source for me, in thanks for which I will long be a reader and a proponent of this website. Thank you. Charlie H.
Over time I have been on both sides of the Customer Service desk, and it always amazes me that companies today do not realize how important that contact is. Especially today where so much is done via the 'Net with no personal contact Customer Service is the only point of contact between the business and the customer. Whether that contact is via the phone or email, a small bit of courtesy and helpful attitude goes a long way. For me, and I consider myself an incredibly picky consumer, good customer service is one of the things that will keep me coming back to a merchant, and this exchange has simply reinforced that NatureScapes should always be my first choice. Greg, great job with NatureScapes. I am going to take a guess that your entire organization displays the same customer-centric attitude that I see from Tara. That is apparent to me in the usability of your site and store front as well. I would highly recommend that as you have Tara as a part of your "training team" for any new Customer Service folks that you hire. I have been thinking about a pair of the NEOS for quite a long time now, well over a year, maybe even two. But I have never been able to see a pair "in person" and I am often hesitant to purchase "blind", mainly due to concerns over issues of support. This year when I saw your ad, and your excellent pricing, I decided to go ahead and try, and not only have I been happy with the product but I have also had the opportunity to experience a company that cares. Pretty darned special. So often when I speak to someone regarding specific product information I am met with a simple reading of what is already on the web site. The fact that you went to the trouble of actually doing a measurement off the overshoe, along with just your general product knowledge, is just another example of what sets you folks apart. And I can see why you would take pride in that, as well you should.
Bill Dewey - Washington

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NatureScapes » Store » Flash & Lighting Accessories » VIEW ALL Flash Accessories > » JJC Off-Camera Flash Cords for Canon and Nikon Cameras
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JJC Off-Camera Flash Cords for Canon and Nikon Cameras
JJC Off-Camera Flash Cords for Canon and Nikon Cameras
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(3 reviews)  

The JJC TTL Off-Camera Flash Cords are made specifically for either CANON or NIKON cameras. The cord mounts to your camera's hot shoe and allows an external flash to be mounted remotely or on a flash bracket.

The FC maintains all of the on-camera functions (including TTL) for one Speedlite used off-camera at distance up to 140cm and features rugged construction and sturdy metal hot shoe mounts.

The JJC Off-Camera Flash Cord for Canon and Nikon cameras comes in 3 different cord lengths: 1 meter, 3 meters, and 5 meters.

*Please select either the CANON or the NIKON specific model and see the specifications tab for detailed information on each one.

Please see the Specifications tab below for additional information.

Item #: FC-E3
Camera Manufacturer
Our Price: $3795
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FC-E3 for CANON:

The FC-E3's hot shoe mounts onto the flash bracket via the metal threaded insert and the flash mounts in the FC-E3's hot shoe. The FC-E3 maintains all of the on-camera functions (including E-TTL II) for one CANON Speedlite used off-camera at distance up to 140cm and is weather sealed with sturdy metal hot shoe mounts (not like the older cheaper Canon off-camera cords.)

*JJC FC-E3 is compatible and nearly identical with CANON OC-E3 which sells for $69.95 at most retailers. It is compatible with all EOS cameras (except the 630 and RT models.)


The FC-N3A provides full TTL control for Nikon Speedlites when used off-camera with Nikon SLR cameras which have the TTL hot flash shoe. 3' long & coiled, it permits easy use of flash when the camera is mounted upon a bracket. JJC FC-N3A is compatible with and replaces the NIKON SC-28.

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(3 reviews)  

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3 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
Stephen kirkland
December 30, 2012
I ordered the FC-E3 to mount on a wimberly F-1. When I attempted to mount the flash a realized that the female end that attaches to the M-3 had not been threaded at the factory. Therefore, the flash cord is useless. Ironically there is a quality control sticker labeled JJC QC10. This means it was physically checked at the factory.
George M
March 14, 2012
I am a pro photographer and have been using the JJC cords since they came out and find them identical to the Canon ones in build and quality - almost as if they were made in the same factory - works perfectly fine in ETTL and on flash cords. Using mine on a wimberley bracket with no problem.
Bob Steele
March 13, 2012
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I purchased a FC-E3 JJC Off-Camera Flash Cords for Canon and wanted to give you some feedback. This is the first time I decided to try this "aftermarket" version of the cord - primarily after reading some inital positive reviews in the forums. Anyway, I was very dissapointed with this cord. First, it wouldn't tighten completely to a Wimberley flash bracket as the threaded socket wasn't deep enough. Additionally, the strain relief connections at both ends of the cord came loose within a day or so of use. A useless product, and not worth of keeping in your store.

Advantages: cheap (get what you pay for...)

Disadvantages: Doesn't work properly
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