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The NSN Store is awesome! I have ordered multiple things from them recently, the shipping was super fast, I even received my Beamer Keeper the day after I ordered it! They cannot be beat by any other online store. I will be ordering most if not all of my gear from the NSN Store from now on! Thanks to Greg and all involved, keep up the good work! :)
Landon Starns
I'm a real stickler for customer service. Good service is pretty rare these days, yet Naturescapes has gone far beyond what I would call good service - it has been amazing. It is such a pleasure to deal with honest people who care if the customer is happy. Please keep up the excellent work!! Many thanks!!
Bill Chambers
(Enchanted Light Photography)

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NatureScapes » Store » Software, Books, and eBooks » VIEW ALL Software, Books, and eBooks » Ducks of North America - The Photographer's Guide by E.J. Peiker
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Ducks of North America - The Photographer's Guide by E.J. Peiker
Ducks of North America - The Photographer's Guide by E.J. Peiker
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(3 reviews)  

E.J. Peiker's Ducks of North America - The Photographer's Guide is the most comprehensive book ever written on duck photography:

  • 133 information-packed pages; downloadable eBook PDF (45 MB)
  • Species accounts of every duck found in the wild and in captivity in North America all 37 natives and 46 non-natives
  • Photos of every species. Male and female photos for North American natives.
  • Equipment guide for duck photography
  • Complete guide to field techniques, exposure, composition, natural and artificial lighting, lens technique, and flight shooting
  • Places in North America to photograph every species
  • Formatted to look great on PC, Mac, iPad and any other device that can display PDF files
  • On iPad, it can be loaded into iBooks and double tapping on any photo displays a full screen rendition of the pictures (requires iOS 4.x)
  • Complete listing of every waterfowl species on Earth

This eBook is the essential guide for photographers of all levels to finding and photographing every species of duck that can be photographed in North America. Photographers outside of North America will also find this an essential reference since the techniques for photographing them are the same all over the world and most of the 83 included species are not exclusive to North America.

This guide is available as a downloadable eBook PDF (45 MB).

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Item #: EJ-DUCKS
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(3 reviews)  

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3 Most recent customer reviews (see all reviews):
January 5, 2014
This ebook was a disappointment. For something published in 2011, the photos are excellent (though not outstanding), and the diversity of species is truly amazing.

However, I was hoping for some wisdom and detail from someone who really knows bird photography; instead, what EJ provides is a set of beginner-level generalities ("digital photographers also need a good storage system...on a high capacity hard drive") and not-so-useful field advice ("Public parks, zoos, ponds or
waterways are often the best spots..."it is best to use a slow
and methodical approach"). One of the most disappointing aspects of the book is that the "Places in North America to photograph every species" is a brief list of ~ 20 places (including a handful of zoos) with no additional information.

What would have been truly useful is a field guide with specific advice about seasons, locations, timing, and light conditions.

Advantages: A comprehensive set of duck photos in a single pdf.

Disadvantages: Cursory, incomplete, and more about EJ's photo collection than learning about bird photography.
January 30, 2012
Very well written, great photo's and lot's of information on exposure for each species of duck as well as where to find them.
Greg Downing
September 5, 2011
A decade ago E.J. and I met while photographing birds during spring migration in Pt. Pelee, Canada. Instantly we became friends and photography buddies. Over the years I have witnessed, and been fascinated by, E.J.'s particular passion with Ducks. If you thought bird photography was a specialty, E.J. has carved a niche for himself that no one else can touch in capturing these beautiful water-bound birds.

One of the goals E.J. set for himself during the last decade was to photograph every Duck species found in North America - a tall order for anyone. He has not only accomplished that goal but has done it with skill and artistry.

E.J.'s new ebook "Ducks of North America - The Photographers Guide" is a celebration of this monumental accomplishment and includes stunning array of images and detailed species accounts of all the native species found in North America, as well as visitors and captives. But this guide goes far beyond Ducks and how to photograph them. The depth of equipment and field techniques shared in this guide rivals many of the classic how-to books on general nature and bird photography. E.J. covers all the bases from gear recommendations to exposure, outdoor flash, composition, capturing action and beyond. This is a must have guide for anyone interested in photographing birds and especially ducks!
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